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Best airplane games for Android in May – Top 5

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free

In this simulation game you will have different models of aircraft available and you will be able to pilot them all. From simple gliders to modern military aircraft, from Boeing 747s to small airliners, you will put yourself to the test with many different aircraft. The 3D graphics of this title is certainly noteworthy, both in terms of aircraft and the surrounding environment and weather conditions. Another feature not to be underestimated is the simplicity of the controls, which however does not negatively affect the excellent level of simulation that this game manages to guarantee. As you progress with the scenarios, you will be able to unlock ever new planes and increasingly exciting missions, in-flight emergencies, fires and makeshift landings will be everyday events.

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War Wings

If you are a fan of the Second World War this game is definitely for you. With this title you will be able to pilot the most famous warplanes of the nations that took part in the Second World War. Challenging opponents in multiplayer battles you can climb the leaderboards and get unique rewards. Choose your plane, customize it with appropriate weapons and equipment and get into the fray!

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Extreme Landings

In this game we will have to face a series of failures, malfunctions and in-flight emergencies. The missions that will be proposed to us are inspired by real events, will you know how to behave better than the pilots who found themselves in these situations in reality? The only way to find out without risking your life is to try the adrenaline-rich experience of this game. Test yourself using all the tools on board and do your best to save all the passengers on your planes.

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Simple controls and vintage graphics are the strengths of this arcade game that will take the past to those who have been frequenters of arcades. You will be able to face the classic levels choosing the degree of difficulty that you prefer or compare yourself with players from all over the world in challenges that can involve up to 4 players.

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Call of Infinite Air Warfare

In this game of airplane battles you will be called to pilot some of the most modern military jets. The 3D graphics are spectacular and engaging and the controls are simple to learn but difficult to master with skill. It is precisely these requirements that make this title capable of satisfying every type of player.

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