Frecce Tricolori Flight Simulator: an all-Italian flight simulator for smartphones

The whole world knows the Frecce Tricolore: since 1961, this spectacular tradition has left its mark in the skies and hearts of the people who witnessed their amazing acrobatics. Who knows how many children, fascinated by their flight, have dreamed of being able to cross the skies, in the same way, one day! But without calling into question their dreams and aspirations, who knows how many wanted, instead, to experience at least once the thrill and emotion of getting into a cockpit and juggling dangerous stunts. Yes, all very nice, but who has the courage to do it seriously? Virtual reality will certainly not be a complete substitute, but a taste of those emotions can give us: RORTOS, Italian company world leader in flight simulators for mobile, with over 60 million copies distributed, announces the collaboration with Aeronautica Militare and the next publication of Frecce Tricolori Flight Simulator. This fusion is aimed at creating a simulation for smartphones as faithful as possible: after becoming familiar with simple stunts, such as looping, the player can try maneuvers such as cardioid, apollo 313, arizona and many others, with the ability to cover any role of the formation. One of the game modes also provides the possibility to organize the exhibition by composing at will the official stunts in the real scenarios faithfully reproduced: Rivolto, RAF Fairford, Terracina and Manerba del Garda. Frecce Tricolori Flight Simulator is equipped with a multi-camera replay mode with which you can admire the show that the user has managed to create with his maneuvers.

In the Flight Simulator section, thanks to REAL WORLD technology it will be possible to start immediately planning your flight in over 500 faithfully reproduced airports and airspaces with more than 8000 waypoints, all on board the aircraft that have made the history of this tradition, such as the MB339 PAN, the EUROFIGHTER, the TORNADO and the F-104 STARFIGHTER. Realism is the basis of the experience, so we could not miss the day/night cycle and climatic conditions such as rain, snow, wind and even storms with lightning and lightning. Once inside the cockpit, the player will find himself in a 3D cockpit equipped with all the necessary equipment to pilot the vehicle. The commander of the Frecce Tricolori, Major Mirco Caffelli, said:

The attention to graphic details, the high definition of the scenarios and the realism of the simulation of this game will finally allow our fans to sit at the controls of the PAN aircraft and experience, in part, the emotions of flights in training, the fatigue required by hard training and the success of excellent teamwork, characteristics that identify the daily commitment of the women and men of the Air Force.

Roberto Simonetto, CEO of RORTOS, is more than satisfied with the work done, saying that there is no aerobatic flight simulator closer to the real experience than this currently available for smartphones. Frecce Tricolori Flight Simulator will soon be available for iOS and Android systems on the App Store and Google Play, and will be announced to the press and the public during the Gamerome event on Friday, November 11, 2016 at 10:30 am at UCI CINEMAS Hall 1.