Microsoft reveals the test program of Flight Simulator

While you’re eating your lunch — Microsoft has released a road map, or given the circumstances perhaps we would do better to say flight plan, about the recently announced Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Microsoft is working on the first contents of the Flight Simulator Insider program that will start in August. This will allow the members of the program to start experimenting with the flight simulator announced at E3. At the beginning of August Microsoft will publish details on how to register to the Insider program and information on the timing of the release of the first build.

In the first part of August a complete preview of the Development Roadmap will arrive, along with the first game videos from the development version. In the second part, instead, a more detailed content release timeline and information about the release of the SDK and the content made not by the development team, but by the fans are expected.

Then, in the last part of August we’ll talk about the first playable build, and we’ll start the public recordings open to everyone. At the same time, details on the next build will arrive. In September there will be two more very important moments when Microsoft will provide an in-depth analysis of the simulator it is building, along with details on the process aimed at involving the community in the preparation work of Flight Simulator.

The post is maybe a bit smoky for how it was built, but it seems that fans can expect the first playable build by the end of August or the beginning of September. However, Microsoft’s intention to keep fans up to date in any part of the development is appreciable.

With the new Flight Simulator, Microsoft wants to focus on the “simulator” aspect. The game is designed to be the basis for the PC, although it will later be adapted to the Xbox. Also, as mentioned, the community will be actively involved in the creation of the game, with a special SDK. The new flight simulator boasts 4K textures for both terrain and aircraft. It will be released during 2020 on Xbox and Windows 10. For Microsoft it’s the first flight simulator since Flight Simulator X, released in 2006, and Microsoft Flight in 2012.

Infinite Flight: the real flight simulator for iPhone?

We’d talked about Infinite Flight before and were impressed by the first images and videos of this game. But now we have decided to try it for you and to follow we offer our full review of what we believe could become one of the best flight simulators available in the App Store. Or perhaps the best of all?

Infinite Flight is a game that I would call “concrete”. Concrete because it focuses on realism leaving out those details that do not suit a real flight simulator. So don’t expect menus that are aesthetically pleasing or accessible controls. Infinite Flight is not Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy. Here you don’t have to chase after other fighters and fire as soon as possible. And it won’t be that easy to take off, stay in the air and land. It’s a full-fledged simulation and perhaps the most complete and faithful simulation you’ve ever seen on the App Store.

The initial menu is very simple but well structured. We find four main icons that allow us to select the type of aircraft, the location, the weather conditions and the time of flight. A first point against Infinite Flight would have been the lack of aircraft, but with the latest update, published just a few days ago on the App Store, the developers have increased the number of aircraft from four to twelve. Currently the list of aircraft includes the following models: F/A-18 Hornet, Airbus A321, Airbus A380, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 747-400, Boeing 787-900 Dreamliner, Boeing C-17 Globemaster III, Cessna 172SP G1000, Supermarine Spitfire, A-10 Warthog, Super Decathlon, Cirrus SR22 G3 Turbo.

The (serious) limitation still present is the one related to the number of scenarios and airports that can be selected. Currently there are only two locations: San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California. In total you will have about twenty airports for each territory. Even at the meteorological level, the settings are not very customizable: the user can only change the visibility (reported in kilometers), speed and wind direction. Currently Infinite Flight does not support prohibitive weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.). On the plus side, you won’t fly with turbulence, air pockets or anything else, but the sky will always be clear.

Now let’s get to the heart of the review of Infinite Flight. Of course what is most striking about this game is the graphic aspect: the textures of this simulator are really fabulous. Lights and shadows are reflected quite well on planes and this does not cause slowdowns on newer iOS devices (some small lags might be noticed on older devices). We are really at the levels of Flight Simulator and the like, at least with regard to the definition of aircraft. Different speech for the game scenarios, absolutely improveable.

The textures of the scenarios, as already mentioned, are instead very simple and definitely insufficient in the overall judgment of Infinite Flight. Taking into account only the graphics of the aircraft, Infinite Flight would have deserved a nice 8.5, but given the poor quality of the scenarios, the final rating drops by one point. Obviously in a simulator of this type the graphics of the ground is not of fundamental importance, but in the case of Infinite Flight you could certainly do better.

Speaking of game controls, the aircraft will be operated exclusively through the use of the accelerometer and buttons on the screen (which may vary depending on the model). Each new flight will ask the user to calibrate the accelerometer: this ensures high precision in the control phase.

Following a screenshot taken inside the cockpit from which you can get a more complete idea of what are the controls on the screen and the indicators of Infinite Flight. On the left is the throttle indicator, on the right is the altimeter, in the middle is the artificial horizon and the heading indicator. For some planes there is also a radar to visualize the position of the airports and of the runways for landing. At the bottom we have buttons for the map, to set the autopilot and to manage the HUD; on the right, instead, we find a quick link to the game menu, two buttons for adjusting the flaps, the switch for the spoilers, the control for the brakes and for the carts of the aircraft. Finally, the cloche indicator is always visible and will show the inclination of the device on the screen.

This is obviously not the only view in Infinite Flight. In addition to the classic cockpit view, there are some particularly striking external views (especially during takeoff they allow you to appreciate the fluidity and excellent graphics of the aircraft).

Flight simulators: alternatives to Flight Simulator X

Although we have dedicated an article to Microsoft Flight Simulator X in this new article we will analyze the best alternatives to Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX).

As we told you in the previous article dedicated to the best flight simulators there are many valid alternatives to the famous and probably most used FSX.

  • X-Plane 11
  • Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator
  • Pro Flight Simulator
  • Virtual Pilot 3D
  • FlightGear
  • YSFlight
  • GeoFS

These are just some smartphone simulators:

  • Flight Pilot Simulator 3D
  • Airplane Fly 3D
  • Airplane Fly The World

We then go on to compare the positive and negative aspects of each of these alternatives to FSX.

X-Plane 11

X-Plane 11 is a great competitor of Flight Simulator X, probably the only one really able to give him a hard time. 
If we compare X-Plane 11 and FSX we immediately notice how the most recent development of X-Plane 11 allows us to have a more accurate graphic, both in the menus and during the simulation. 
X-Plane 11 wins in fact on many factors, including the quality of standard aircraft, scenarios (even during night flight), without forgetting system stability that requires slightly more modest resources than FSX. 
However, if we talk about customizations, FSX remains unparalleled thanks to the amount of software houses that continue to make add-ons capable of making your flight truly realistic.
If you are looking for a viable alternative, X-Plane 11 could really be for you.

Visit the X-Plane website

Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator

Although it is often put behind the scenes, Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator is catching on with flight enthusiasts thanks to a realistic simulation and very engaging photo-realistic scenarios. 
Flight dynamics and flight customization are on a par with other simulators already discussed, like X-Plane 11 and FSX, and in relation to its price it can be a valid alternative. 
Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator is available on Steam, Windows, iOS, Google Play Store, Apple Store and supports 3D viewers and numerous types of joysticks, control panels, etc. 
Here is a video that compares Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator with X-Plane 11

Visit the Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator website

Pro Flight Simulator

Realistic graphics, more than 120 aircraft available and 20000 airports worldwide make Pro Flight Simulator a valid competitor of X-Plane 11 and Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator. 
You will have the possibility to customize the livery of the plane with several air companions and the cockpit is faithfully built. 
Pro Flight Simulator includes some helicopters and boasts a realistic night scene, with realistic lights and rivers and roads based on military maps. 
Basically, even if its point of favor is not really the flight dynamics, the graphics will compensate for these gaps and will allow you to approach the world of flight without too many frills. 
The only drawback: the cost, still too high compared to competitors.

Visit the Pro Flight Simulator site

Virtual Pilot 3D

The most underestimated even if used by many professional pilots thanks to its FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certification, Virtual Pilot 3D is positioned right next to Pro Flight Simulator, with a lower price, 25000 airports and 200 aircraft and a truly unique realistic. 
Just as in FSX the weather can be downloaded in real time from the internet in relation to the area you are flying over and radio communications and routes are those used in reality and it will be possible to fly online as in a real airline. 
Definitely a valid simulator able to give you a lot of satisfaction.

Visit the Virtual Pilot 3D website

The other flight simulators

  • Flight Gearfree flight simulator with discrete graphics made by flight enthusiasts. A good solution at cost 0 to approach the world of flight simulators.
  • YSFlightfree flight simulator for long-standing computers. If you do not have the latest generation video card, it could be for you.
  • GeoFS: online flight simulator with beta test graphics. Honestly, we recommend any of the above but this did not convince us at all. However it is online, and it seemed interesting to put it on the list.

Flight simulators for smartphones

  • Flight Pilot Simulator 3D: Android / iOS
  • Airplane Fly 3D: Android
  • Airplane Fly The World: iOS

Condor: Glider Simulator – Review

The sensations of motorless flight within everyone’s reach: this is the aim of the atypical and curious glider simulator, the subject of the review.

Spirit people, spirit!

Once you have bought the game and installed it, created the profile and the account, registered the copy and started the game, the user is still far from being able to fly in the immense skies of Condor. It takes patience – a lot – and a certain willpower, virtues repaid little by little. In fact, by giving a brief look at the manual you can feel how manic attention to detail was maximum, so much so that once on the vehicle and before being carried into the air by the twin-engine engine specially placed at the edge of the track, a turn to the tutorial is required.
The flight school is divided into five separate chapters, introduced by a brief written explanation and all in all well constructed. Learning how to handle flaps and pedals, are not subtleties but essential needs, as well as deepening the use of air currents and the execution of the first stunts will be fundamental pieces in the sophisticated puzzle of the fun here built.

A few hours of hard work are enough to lift the spirits and, having understood the interface and made a reason for the almost complete use of the keyboard, the satisfactions will not be long in coming. The mode for the single game takes the clear, almost laconic name of Free Flight: no mission in particular or a special objective; after all, when do you ever solve an emergency or perform a job in a glider? On the other hand, customization is at the highest level starting from the route that, giving an eye to the map, must be drawn depending on the time available and, consequently, wind and morphology of the ground.
As with a mechanical watch, the games will acquire progressive value as the complications put into play increase. The weather conditions and turbulence show the ability to conduct, while the different models offer food for thought.
Obviously all this realism can be calmed down, reducing certain parameters that are crucial in not flattening and trivializing the experience. It is also possible to visualize scores and statistics, so as to set goals and convince oneself that there is a higher purpose to which one must be accountable.

Group flight and air pockets

The new Wright, who has become more experienced, can choose between a good number of options on the Net – or on the LAN, of course. The games are distributed on several servers and include both the simple pleasure that is obtained by hovering in the company, and a challenge mode that rewards the one, or in the case of the division into teams, those who first complete the path chosen by the host. Nothing revolutionary but generally sufficient, this group scenario acquires body if you want to pay attention to the analysis of the data and you give a, albeit elusive, look at the replays.
Physics deserves a separate discourse, so taken seriously as to convince programmers not to include a media editor, potentially funny but unable to consistently coexist the memory of Newton and the imagination of the players. On the other hand, for the price of a modest sum, new gliders will be periodically made available, so as not to let the veil of disinterest fall.
From a purely aesthetic point of view, Condor: The Competition Soaring Sim leaves you rather banned. Unfortunately, the engine used does not have an impact comparable to that of many illustrious colleagues, Flight Simulator above all, and shows its side to criticism on almost every side: from the not very rich polygonal models, to the environments with almost monochromatic and swinging textures. However, there is still a certain functionality: the feeling that the audience to which it addresses looks elsewhere.

X-Plane 9. iPhone Review

Back in 2001, Laminar Research released the X-Plane 9 for Windows and Mac, the only aircraft simulator certified by the U.S. Federal Aeronautics Agency for real-world flight training. After 7 years and now all iPhone owners with 2.x.x. firmware can start learning how to operate the aircraft.

We operate the aircraft with the built-in accelerometer. The game features 4 types of planes, the player can choose any time of day, wind speed, turbulence and, of course, the weather.

Laminar Research promises that by downloading this game to our iPhone, we will be able to experience 95% of the realism of the game from other platforms.
The first thing you need to do, sitting at the helm of the plane, is to lift it from the runway, everything is done qualitatively. We control the accelerometer by turning the plane, and touchscreen will be useful for controlling flaps and traction.

During the game you can press the top of the screen to open an additional menu where you can change the visibility (from the cockpit, above the plane, the whole plane). After a certain distance, the plane can be landed on the runway – it is not so easy.

World of Warplanes 2.0 – Tried and tested

The Wargaming development studio has existed since 1998, when it was founded in Minsk, Belarus, with the idea of dedicating itself to the genre of strategy games. Regardless of how much and how successful we want to consider his first twelve years of activity, however, it is undeniable that 2010 marked a turning point, with the publication of World of Tanks and the transformation into a multinational giant, which today rests its tentacles on virtually every platform, carrying on the maximum weight “carrarmatesco” and the two cousins based on ships and airplanes, as well as other side projects such as the recent Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars. Developed by Persha Studies and launched in 2013, World of Warplanes is perhaps the most accessible game and the most fast-paced gameplay among the various proposals of Wargaming and enjoys an absolutely respectable success, although not comparable to that of World of Tanks. But the feeling that you can aim (ehm) higher pushed you to plan an almost complete restructuring of the experience, which I was able to take a look at last week, during an event organized in the Paris office of Wargaming, during which I tried the game and chatted with two members of the studio.


Tomorrow, October 11, 2017, will see the light of day the biggest update from launch to date, such as to push Wargaming to talk about World of Warplanes 2.0. Let’s be clear, already today the game is certainly not the one launched four years ago: with over forty updates behind it, it has come to offer more than two hundred and fifty planes and nineteen maps, scattered between three different countries … not bad, as a basis on which to build a relaunch, according to Wargaming needed to solve a number of critical issues. Some examples? Well, the missions are not very varied and, above all, not very structured, so as to give real importance to the strategic element; the lack of usefulness of the bombing phase, not very involving and almost useless; the incidence of suicide bombers, deaths from aircraft crash, and a control system to be reviewed, to make more fun dogfighting. In addition to addressing these issues, then, we have also worked to obtain a more accessible, more immediate and accommodating game, with an interface of greater transparency.

Clearly, such an approach can be problematic, because you risk alienating the historical fans, who still exist and must be satisfied. Also for this reason Wargaming aims to maintain a series of modes that allow you to regain the classic gameplay and leave room for those who do not like certain changes. At the same time, the incoming news are obviously not thrown to the public without careful planning and rigorous testing, with various stages of more or less internal testing that have taken place in recent months. But what are we talking about? Well, for example, the focus of the game shifts from the simple destruction of enemies to the completion of objectives, with modes focused on the conquest of territories and the classic indicator that fills according to the portion of the map in the hands of your team. To improve our situation in battle, we can devote ourselves to the destruction of enemy aircraft but also to the bombing of land and sea targets, through which – precisely – conquer bases and increase domination.

The objectives therefore also change according to the class of vehicle we choose to pilot, because it is clear that a bomber is not suitable for dogfighting but deadly when you aim to destroy tanks, radio stations or other. Yes, the bomber: it is a new class of aircraft, with which you should fly as high as possible, to escape the anti-aircraft and enemy fighters, and then download the bombs on targets, taking aim through a camera. I have faced a couple of sessions piloting one and I can say that it is definitely a very different experience from the classic one, more relaxing if we want. While flying a bomber, you can safely make yourself a coffee, wanting to extreme: it’s all slower, posed and far from the heart of the conflict, although you still have the feeling of being playing a key role. And there are still margins for some air strikes, possibly even moving the frame to the back to personally control the machine gun turret. Ah, initially there will be three models of bomber: they will be available to all for three weeks, will then be moved to the premium band (to be unlocked with currency inside the game or spending real money) which will be added later other models.


Another component that makes the gameplay more intriguing is the fact that the different ground targets, once destroyed or controlled, offer extra functionality. For example, controlling a factory increases our influence on the territory, an airport allows repairs to be carried out, a military base gives the opportunity to launch missiles and a command centre unlocks the use of bombardments. The combination of all these aspects certainly makes the game more complex and encourages the development of team tactics, without undermining the accessibility of World of Warplanes, which remains a very simple title to approach, even when you are completely fasting. On the contrary, the new transparent interface, almost completely devoid of on-screen indicators, and the small revisions to the maneuverability of the aircraft further enhance this aspect.

It also helps the decision to implement the respawn: in case of death, you can return to flight after a few seconds as in any shooter, without going through the hangar. Given the dynamism and speed of the clashes, it’s an understandable choice, even if it could make the purists turn up their noses. There will still be limitations and, depending on the mode or how the battle evolves, there will be situations where the respawn will be disabled. Among the other news announced during the presentation, but obviously difficult to analyze in depth during a short test, I also point out the spectator mode, some changes to existing maps (even to adapt them to new modes), the introduction of new PVP events “hardcore”, which are linked to the discourse of wanting to please those who loved the classic World of Warplanes, special missions that will be proposed gradually with new updates and dozens of other features on which Wargaming is at work but that, inevitably, will come only in the future, with new updates. Already so, however, starting tomorrow, there will be a lot of new with which to have fun.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Review

On the occasion of the recent and very popular Steam sales, we seized the opportunity to work on a copy of the Microsoft Flight Collection, simply a version of the basic product – free to play – released at the end of February with the addition of all the DLCs. on the market today. The title of the house in Redmond, which will not be given further support according to the latest unpleasant rumors, does not capture the very heavy legacy of the famous Microsoft Flight Simulator saga, but it becomes a sort of spin off, limited both from the point of view of the contents and from the purely simulative one. Nevertheless, according to the developers’ plans, the title should have tickled the most refined palates and casual players transversely, thanks to an extremely scalable flight model and a fresher and “happier” realization compared to the authoritative Flight Simulator X , now on the shelves for six years. Aware of the fact that you have probably already tested the free version for a long time, we will analyze Microsoft Flight from the point of view of the complete experience, now more than ever seen the unfortunate fate of the developers and the closure of the offices.

All inclusive

Once the basic package has been installed, which has also been available on the Steam platform for some time, you immediately perceive an atmosphere of detachment from the old Microsoft flight simulations and, above all, from the need to leaf through pantagruelic manuals just to launch an aircraft. The very pleasant and melodic accompaniment soundtrack goes perfectly with the delicate tones of the simple and functional menus, complete from every point of view but without leading to the academic nuances of the most virtuous simulators.

“Although not a rigorous simulation from every point of view, disabling all the assistances the Microsoft title proposes a very good flight model, which also needs different technical skills to be tested in full”

The setting chosen by the programmers, also “restricted”, is nothing less than the archipelago of Hawaii, with the only island of Ohau available in the basic offer, an old acquaintance of the Test Drive Unlimited series fans. The “Hawaiian adventure” package (19.99 euros on Steam) has been available since its launch, expanding the experience to the whole archipelago and adding the Van’s RV6 aircraft to the player’s hangar, initially occupied only by the A5 Icon (l ‘utilitarian of the planes) and by the famous Boeing Pt-17 Stearman, a classic of the second world war transformed for civil purposes and become the object of desire of many pilots. We can immediately point out that the expansion is such only in terms of quantity and not from the point of view of the variation in the playful offer, although the RV6 is an extremely more versatile and faster aircraft than the two supplied at the beginning. The approximately 20 added challenges fully reflect the standard experience and basically the explorable horizon is only expanded.Alaskan Wilderness (14.99 Euro on Steam), which however adds over half a million square miles to fly over in a totally different setting, with specific climatic conditions and the addition of another aircraft, the basic Crafters Carbon Cub “. As in Gran Turismo 5there are “deluxe” vehicles (with cockpit) and standard vehicles, but we’ll talk about them later. In addition to the two larger expansions, the following individual aircraft can also be purchased: F4U (6.75 Euro), the P-40 at the same price, the Maule M-7-260C (14.99 Euro), the North American P- 51 Mustangs (7.99 Euros) and the Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero (6.75 Euros). All, with the exception of the Maule which also adds some specific mission, are cockpit-free aircraft. These are “important” prices that have raised many criticisms from the players who appreciated the offer: fortunately, the substantial discount offered by Steam a few days ago allowed many to buy the complete package. Once all the DLC and various climate updates are installed online,Games For Windows Live , it is finally possible to get to the cloche and go into the heart of Flight.

Simply fly

Although it is not a rigorous simulation from every point of view, by disabling all the assistances, the Microsoft title offers a very good flight model , which also needs different technical skills to be tested in full, such as knowing how to manage the mixture based on the ‘altitude. Leaving the infamous pre-takeoff and post-landing checklists with manual setting, it is possible to have a complete and full-bodied experience, however, it is also necessary to be equipped with the appropriate peripherals to fully enjoy them. Unfortunately, this important simulation component is only available for aircraft with cockpit (deluxe) and it is only 4 aircraft out of a total of ten, small numbers that unfortunately will not be replenished any longer. Once hovered in the air Microsoft Flight it gives the best of itself, proposing a model of solid and credible flight associated with the pleasure of being able to fly over enchanting and finely detailed landscapes. Each aircraft is equipped with specific features that affect the simulation processes: if the Maule is heavy and complicated to land, the military aircraft and the RV6 are extremely dynamic and need a completely different approach to the runway. The landings represent the fulcrum of the playful experience and being able to execute them correctly with a manual procedure, perhaps without making the PAPI signal lights go crazy, gives good satisfactions and excellent feedback. However, it must be emphasized that collisions with the ground are made in a decidedly approximate manner and with almost comic implications in certain circumstances, with the shots of the camera that instead of dramatizing emphasize the grotesque ruffles , without any deformation effect on the aircraft. The title Microsoft is more enjoyable by using specific peripherals such as joysticks and handcuffs, but thanks to its remarkable scalability you can also have fun with a simple joypad, perhaps with the Xbox 360 that is fully supported and compatible. Mouse and keyboard are anyway necessary to govern the numerous inputs by setting completely manual configurations unless you have a kit that faithfully replicates the cockpit of an airplane.

The main modalities proposed in Microsoft Fligh t are three: Missions, Challenges and Aeronautical Secret Hunt. If the first two offer conventional gaming sessions for any civil flight simulator, such as landings of increasing difficulty, transport of passengers or acrobatics through circles in the sky, the third is undoubtedly the most intriguing, also due to the symbiosis with the Bing search engine . The aerosegreesthey are nothing more than specific air or places to be traced on the game map, following some clues and keywords to be included on the search engine. Unfortunately, despite the different DLCs of the Collection package, there is very little in the flesh because of the limited number of missions, which are exhausted in the blink of an eye by having only the basic package. The only thing that pushes you to try and retry the same mission is to obtain a better score and relative medal, which in a nutshell also translates into experience for your profile. To dramatically worsen the situation there is the premature end of the support from the developers, who every day also proposed a new aeroseground to be hunted on the map. As in any self-respecting flight simulator, fortunately, there is it is also a “free flight” mode, one of the most loved by enthusiasts: in it you can experience the pleasure of flying using any plane and moving at will on the map, setting time of day and weather (from the clear sky to the stormy storm , particularly impressive flying over Alaska), perhaps referring to those actually taking place at that time. Thereonline mode is similar to free flight (up to 16 players) but with the possibility of finding aerosegrees in the company of other pilots. If in the first post-launch period the servers were semi-deserted, today finding someone is a real undertaking and, unfortunately, with the “death” of the project and the absence of new add-ons the situation will inevitably continue to worsen.

The beauty of the sky

From a purely technical point of view Microsoft Flight gives glimpses of pure poetry, alternating with others that are less convincing when flying at low altitude. If Hawaii seen from above (with the maximum details) is a spectacle for the eyes, Alaska is simply a videogame masterpiece. This wilderness, barely touched by the anthropic contribution, offers icy landscapes and boreal forests of rare beauty: never in a video game had there been such a faithful and meticulous reproduction of a land. The breathtaking views are embraced by simply perfect lighting and incredibly realistic weather: each piece is in the right place and only when flying at low altitude, do you notice texture with not very high resolution. The clouds, the rain, the sun that filters through the windshields and the starry night sky are all elements that sometimes make up what can be called a digital work of art. Also the models of the planes are finely detailed, with the deluxe ones equipped with cockpits reproduced to the millimeter and completely functional from the simulation point of view. As you can imagine to fully enjoy the maximum of detail it is necessary to have a lot of computing power, however we have achieved good results even with a second test configuration not really at the top (Acer Aspire 5750G laptop with Nvidia GT540M 2GB). With the first configuration, an i5 750 OC 3.4 Ghz with HD5870 crossfire with 8 GB of Ram, we had no particular problems except in certain circumstances and shots. All in all with the deluxe ones equipped with cockpits reproduced to the millimeter and fully functional from the simulation point of view. As you can imagine to fully enjoy the maximum of detail it is necessary to have a lot of computing power, however we have achieved good results even with a second test configuration not really at the top (Acer Aspire 5750G laptop with Nvidia GT540M 2GB). With the first configuration, an i5 750 OC 3.4 Ghz with HD5870 crossfire with 8 GB of Ram, we had no particular problems except in certain circumstances and shots. All in all with the deluxe ones equipped with cockpits reproduced to the millimeter and fully functional from the simulation point of view. As you can imagine to fully enjoy the maximum of detail it is necessary to have a lot of computing power, however we have achieved good results even with a second test configuration not really at the top (Acer Aspire 5750G laptop with Nvidia GT540M 2GB). With the first configuration, an i5 750 OC 3.4 Ghz with HD5870 crossfire with 8 GB of Ram, we had no particular problems except in certain circumstances and shots. All in all however we have achieved good results even with a second test configuration not really at the top (Acer Aspire 5750G laptop with Nvidia GT540M 2GB). With the first configuration, an i5 750 OC 3.4 Ghz with HD5870 crossfire with 8 GB of Ram, we had no particular problems except in certain circumstances and shots. All in all however we have achieved good results even with a second test configuration not really at the top (Acer Aspire 5750G laptop with Nvidia GT540M 2GB). With the first configuration, an i5 750 OC 3.4 Ghz with HD5870 crossfire with 8 GB of Ram, we had no particular problems except in certain circumstances and shots. All in all Microsoft Flight is a real joy for the eyes and also the audio department does its job very well, with a discreet dubbing in Italian, a good soundtrack and excellent sound effects.

X-Plane 9: Call of the sky

In January 2009, the 25-year history of Microsoft Flight Simulator came to an end as ACES fell victim to the crisis. Players still have the only mass civil aircraft simulator (not counting the free FlightGear) – X-Plane 9, not so long ago received from the U.S. Civil Aviation Authority long-awaited status of a simulator. The certificate was issued to the “professional” version, but at the heart it does not differ from the publicly available game.

King of the mountain

Climbing to the top, X-Plane hasn’t changed her habits. Beginners are still “thrown into the water” without any training or at least an explanation of the basics of piloting. Hopes on the user’s manual are jammed by localization – it was cut down, no less, by an order of magnitude. The person in love with the sky will come out on his own, the rest will be sidelined.

Experienced pilot will find everything in its place – minimalistic interface has not changed, as well as the gameplay. Choosing one of several dozen aircraft, you can do with it anything you want: to spin aerobatics, fly around the airfield “in a box” or rush into a long flight. Missions are reduced to a set of “non-standard situations”: return from orbit, refueling in the air, start from a catapult or aircraft carrier deck. Fighters and bombers carry a full set of ammunition on board, but the bombs with missiles do not cause the slightest damage. Beginning terrorists may as well ram skyscrapers – there are almost no “palpable” objects on the surface of the earth. An exception has been made for all “takeoff and landing” facilities, i.e. aircraft carriers, oil rigs and helipads.

It’s even for the better – somewhere through a flat, wide runway (repeating the relief of the terrain) passes … the road with a busy traffic. The landscapes are not all right at all. First, to get the whole world at your disposal, you need to spend a lot of money and download a few DVDs from the official website. Secondly, do not count on flights over the Kremlin, despite the fact that “Akella” first released a disc with the territory of Russia. Moscow is recognizable only by its topographical features. And we do not have many operating airfields (without the Far East) and in Eastern Europe. Therefore, I advise you not to go for patriotism, but to buy a version with the U.S. territory – there are pond airfields.

The flight model, the pride of the developers, is as good as before. What is achievable in MSFS in rare modes, here – in the order of things. The flight of any car is modelled according to the laws of the blade element theory, taking into account the parameters of the air environment and 3D-model geometry. From the propeller to the tip of the wing the plane is divided into dozens of zones, and for each of them there are active forces and the equivalent, which determines the direction of flight. Of course, the matmodel became more complicated when changing versions, especially in the calculation of whirlwinds. However, the impression is blurred by the absence of flutter. In diving and weak Cessna 172 is able to approach the speed of sound – it is not threatened by shaking, or the destruction of the structure associated with it. Such “anti-science” mode allows to reveal other drawbacks which do not arise in usual conditions. A shift in aerodynamic focus would certainly make a straight wing plane dive, but it does not.

Defects are more puzzling than spoiling the fun of the game; they are unlikely to show up in a normal flight. He pulled the control knob, the overload – and just struck by the speed of “Cessna” falls off with the detached wing. The unsightly visualization of the damage is incredibly far from the battle “flying” – the broken knot just disappears. Although one of its appearance in a civilian simulator is an event.

The emphasis is made on “internal content” – the list of failures and malfunctions is wide, even the ingress of water into the fuel is taken into account. The settings have a lot of problems on the tail stabilizer – from the failed altimeter to the bird flock. The birds can be pushed to repeat the recent feat of Chesley Sullenberger, who managed to bring the emergency Airbus to the Hudson surface.

“After assembling, to treat with a file.”

“There’s no need for good graphics, the main thing is realism,” says the virtual pilots. “Beauty won’t hurt anybody, the plane should look like its prototype, not like a log with wings,” says others. Previously, Austin Meyer mainly listened to the first opinion, and now he is interested in the second. Graphics does not shine literally – reflections promise only in the next updates. But already now small aircraft and helicopters in detail do not lag behind MSFS HKRATIVE information about the game, along the way boasting of full-fledged three-dimensional cabins. After X-Plane 8Brief information about the game, which looked extremely pale against the background of MSFS 2004: A Century of FlightThe brief information about the game is a real breakthrough. Remember, “as it was”, will help legendary “Discovery” together with some aircrafts, migrated from previous versions. Among the graphic innovations there are thicker forests and denser cities with even more dense buildings, which sharply raise the demands on the video card. Reduce fps and display of the flight model, when the spaces

“After assembling the file to be treated with a file.”

“There’s no need for good graphics, the main thing is realism,” says the virtual pilots. “Beauty won’t hurt anybody, the plane should look like its prototype, not like a log with wings,” says others. Previously, Austin Meyer mainly listened to the first opinion, and now he is interested in the second. Graphics does not shine literally – reflections promise only in the next updates. But already now small aircraft and helicopters in detail do not lag behind MSFS HKRATIVE information about the game, along the way boasting of full-fledged three-dimensional cabins. After X-Plane 8Brief information about the game, which looked extremely pale against the background of MSFS 2004: A Century of FlightThe brief information about the game is a real breakthrough. Remember, “as it was”, will help legendary “Discovery” together with some aircrafts, migrated from previous versions. Among the graphic innovations there are thicker forests and denser cities with even more dense buildings, which sharply raise the demands on the video card. It will also reduce the fps and display of the flight model, when the space around the aircraft is colored with episodes demonstrating the processes occurring with the machine.

X-Plane has enough features. Want to try something new? In Plane-Maker editor we edit the available technique or create something “from scratch”, guided by either drawings or fantasy. There are no restrictions on the type – build blimps with a helicopter propeller and reverse sweep wings. At the same time, check whether it can take off. On a holiday of disobedience is allowed to swing on the foundations of the universe, changing the radius of the Earth or Mars and the coefficient of free fall on their surface.

However, not everything is provided for. Of course, flight simulators often “grow” with various additional programs. But if, say, in the “IL-2Brief information about the game” can fly for years, without thinking about the existence of NewView or Hyperlobby, the fan of X-Plane is much harder. QuickTime, required for recording videos, is nothing. OEM network game is more suitable for training, but the installation of special plug-ins for multiplayer in IVAO or VATSIM networks can and should be forgiven. At least because of the specifics of these networks, which connect pilots and dispatchers from around the world. Much more serious is the lack of a normal flight planner and the need to use conditionally free programs like GoodWay for route planning. Especially with such detailed implementation of navigation systems and equipment.

Horizontal transfer

X-Plane is a rare example of long and smooth development in the gaming industry. It’s an ascending straight line that’s been going back to 1999. Laminar Research has found an empty niche and continues to perfect its product. The ideal, of course, is still far away, but the points we have exhibited are well deserved. For 2008.

Come out the “nine” today, after learning about the clinical death of a competitor, the score would probably be lower. After all, with your hand on your heart, how many people playing X-Plane 9 in the world wouldn’t have a disk with a simulator from Microsoft lying on the shelf? Someone needs it only for comparison, but most people started flying with it. Like any other community of flight simulators, it needs to be constantly updated. Someone loses interest, someone is returned to the land by family and household worries. And if MSFS with its extensive textbook and an abundance of tasks with a clear complexity can fascinate a beginner, then more realistic, but at the same time ascetic and unfriendly X-Plane can easily push away. And this will mean further extinction of the genre. AccelerationBrief information about the game for a long time will not be enough.

P.S. Following the localization of X-Plane 9 from “Akella” “New Disc” released X-Plane 8Brief information about the game. Each other they differ from each other about as different versions of Photoshop, so analyze it separately senseless. It is necessary to note only that here we deal with the original, not russified simulator, but complete with a large-scale Russian-speaking management. In addition, the love of antiquity is rewarded with landscapes of five continents. It is only strange that instead of v8.64 we sent v8.00 to the press. Do not forget to download updates.

FlightGear: open source cross-platform aircraft simulator

Based on the OpenSceneGraph (OSG) graphics engine. Graphics is decent, but FlightGear is a simulator, not an arcade. Physics and aerodynamics are more important than ease of operation and without a basic knowledge of the management of real equipment, you will not be able to take off.

FlightGear was created as an aircraft simulator for research and educational purposes, flight modeling. You can play both alone and online. Versions are available for Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Windows. Distributed under GPL license.

FlightGear World Scenery contains a map of the surface of the earth, descriptions of rivers, roads, towns and airfields, weighs more than 13GB. It doesn’t make sense to pump it right away, first, get used to the built-in maps and models.

You can install FlightGear through the package manager of your Linux distribution (packages will be called flightgear or fgfs). You can download the official build from the official FlightGear website.

You can start the aircraft simulator with the terminal command fgfs. By default you will find yourself in a Cessna 172 aircraft at the San Francisco airport. You can specify the airport and the model of the plane as follows:

fgfs --aircraft=aircraft_model --airport=airport

You can get the list of available planes with the following command:

fgfs --show-aircraft

Those who launch FlightGear for the first time can spend the whole evening looking for a “gas” button and, without finding it, remove this wonderful aircraft simulator. Therefore, I say at once – if you want an arcade with easy control and a basic slope on the graphics, FlightGear is not for you. The control is complicated and I wouldn’t even call FlightGear a game, it’s a tool for those who know the subject. And the necessary documentation can be obtained in large quantities on the official website of the simulator.

Best airplane games for Android in May – Top 5

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free

In this simulation game you will have different models of aircraft available and you will be able to pilot them all. From simple gliders to modern military aircraft, from Boeing 747s to small airliners, you will put yourself to the test with many different aircraft. The 3D graphics of this title is certainly noteworthy, both in terms of aircraft and the surrounding environment and weather conditions. Another feature not to be underestimated is the simplicity of the controls, which however does not negatively affect the excellent level of simulation that this game manages to guarantee. As you progress with the scenarios, you will be able to unlock ever new planes and increasingly exciting missions, in-flight emergencies, fires and makeshift landings will be everyday events.

Click here to discover Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free.

War Wings

If you are a fan of the Second World War this game is definitely for you. With this title you will be able to pilot the most famous warplanes of the nations that took part in the Second World War. Challenging opponents in multiplayer battles you can climb the leaderboards and get unique rewards. Choose your plane, customize it with appropriate weapons and equipment and get into the fray!

Click here to discover War Wings.

Extreme Landings

In this game we will have to face a series of failures, malfunctions and in-flight emergencies. The missions that will be proposed to us are inspired by real events, will you know how to behave better than the pilots who found themselves in these situations in reality? The only way to find out without risking your life is to try the adrenaline-rich experience of this game. Test yourself using all the tools on board and do your best to save all the passengers on your planes.

Click here to discover Extreme Landings.


Simple controls and vintage graphics are the strengths of this arcade game that will take the past to those who have been frequenters of arcades. You will be able to face the classic levels choosing the degree of difficulty that you prefer or compare yourself with players from all over the world in challenges that can involve up to 4 players.

Click here to download STRIKERS 1999.

Call of Infinite Air Warfare

In this game of airplane battles you will be called to pilot some of the most modern military jets. The 3D graphics are spectacular and engaging and the controls are simple to learn but difficult to master with skill. It is precisely these requirements that make this title capable of satisfying every type of player.

Click here to discover Call of Infinite Air Warfare.