X-Plane 9. iPhone Review

Back in 2001, Laminar Research released the X-Plane 9 for Windows and Mac, the only aircraft simulator certified by the U.S. Federal Aeronautics Agency for real-world flight training. After 7 years and now all iPhone owners with 2.x.x. firmware can start learning how to operate the aircraft.

We operate the aircraft with the built-in accelerometer. The game features 4 types of planes, the player can choose any time of day, wind speed, turbulence and, of course, the weather.

Laminar Research promises that by downloading this game to our iPhone, we will be able to experience 95% of the realism of the game from other platforms.
The first thing you need to do, sitting at the helm of the plane, is to lift it from the runway, everything is done qualitatively. We control the accelerometer by turning the plane, and touchscreen will be useful for controlling flaps and traction.

During the game you can press the top of the screen to open an additional menu where you can change the visibility (from the cockpit, above the plane, the whole plane). After a certain distance, the plane can be landed on the runway – it is not so easy.