Microsoft reveals the test program of Flight Simulator

While you’re eating your lunch — Microsoft has released a road map, or given the circumstances perhaps we would do better to say flight plan, about the recently announced Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Microsoft is working on the first contents of the Flight Simulator Insider program that will start in August. This will allow the members of the program to start experimenting with the flight simulator announced at E3. At the beginning of August Microsoft will publish details on how to register to the Insider program and information on the timing of the release of the first build.

In the first part of August a complete preview of the Development Roadmap will arrive, along with the first game videos from the development version. In the second part, instead, a more detailed content release timeline and information about the release of the SDK and the content made not by the development team, but by the fans are expected.

Then, in the last part of August we’ll talk about the first playable build, and we’ll start the public recordings open to everyone. At the same time, details on the next build will arrive. In September there will be two more very important moments when Microsoft will provide an in-depth analysis of the simulator it is building, along with details on the process aimed at involving the community in the preparation work of Flight Simulator.

The post is maybe a bit smoky for how it was built, but it seems that fans can expect the first playable build by the end of August or the beginning of September. However, Microsoft’s intention to keep fans up to date in any part of the development is appreciable.

With the new Flight Simulator, Microsoft wants to focus on the “simulator” aspect. The game is designed to be the basis for the PC, although it will later be adapted to the Xbox. Also, as mentioned, the community will be actively involved in the creation of the game, with a special SDK. The new flight simulator boasts 4K textures for both terrain and aircraft. It will be released during 2020 on Xbox and Windows 10. For Microsoft it’s the first flight simulator since Flight Simulator X, released in 2006, and Microsoft Flight in 2012.